How to Register for Babyscripts myJourney

There are three different ways to register for a Babyscripts myJourney account.

  1. Provider sign-up / Personal passcode: In most cases, patients will be signed up for the app by their provider or care team at their new OB visit. Once you are signed up, Babyscripts will email & text you a unique, personal passcode to use in the app.
  2. Self-sign-up with your insurance plan: Some insurance plans offer Babyscripts myJourney to their members. If you heard about Babyscripts through your insurance, you should be able to create an account using these steps. 
  3. Universal passcode: Some health systems/provider's offices may give out a universal passcode that is the same for all patients (e.g. BRXMOMS). If your provider's office has a universal passcode, simply enter it in the app under "I have a passcode". Then, follow the steps in the app to register.

If your provider has signed you up for an account, please follow the steps below. (If you heard about Babyscripts myJourney through your insurance plan, please click here and follow the steps to register.)

1. Once signed up, check your email or texts for registration information.

After you've been signed up for a Babyscripts myJourney account, you should receive an email & text message with information on how to register. 

2. Download the app and enter your passcode. 

  • Download the Babyscripts myJourney app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Then, on the home screen, you'll want to select "I'm a new user" at the bottom of the page. 
  • You can enter your passcode on the next page in the passcode field.
  • (If you were given a universal passcode from your provider (e.g. "BRXMOMS"), you can also enter that here!)

3. Follow the steps in the app to register and log in!

Once you've entered your passcode, follow the steps in the app to complete your registration. It will have you create a password, and ask for some other basic information. 

From there, the app will log you in so you can start using Babyscripts myJourney right away!

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