Mental Health Monitoring Overview & FAQs

The Babyscripts mental health monitoring program was created to help care teams better support their patients throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

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Q: What is the Babyscripts mental health monitoring program?

A: The Babyscripts mental health monitoring program is a way for patients (like you!) to track their mental health at various points during their pregnancy or postpartum journey.

Throughout the program, patients will take brief mental health assessments in the myJourney app. If any of these assessments come back as concerning (based on their care team's criteria) - Babyscripts will automatically alert the patient's care team. 

Once the patient's care team has been alerted, the care team can help connect the patient with the proper resources and support. The primary goal of the program is to help keep patients safe and supported. 

Q: How does the mental health monitoring program work?

A: As a patient, you'll receive mental health assessments via the myJourney app at different point during pregnancy or postpartum. These assessments are clinically validated and help your care team to better understand the state of your mental health.

Here's an example of an assessment question:

Babyscripts will "score" your assessment based on the  Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (or EPDS for short). 

If your score is concerning (based on your care team's thresholds), Babyscripts will automatically alert your care team. Your score may fall into the buckets of normal, elevated, or critical

Here's an example of an elevated score:

Here's an example of a critical score:

Q: What happens if I receive a "normal" score on my assessments?

If you receive a "normal" score on your assessments, Babyscripts will not notify your care team. 

Q: Will my care team be able to access my mental health assessments & scores?

Yes, your care will be able to view your completed assessments and scores. However, your care team will only be alerted if your score presents a concern.

Q: How long does the mental health monitoring program last?

A: The mental health monitoring program lasts from the pregnancy to postpartum periods. Typically patients will receive 3 mental health assessments during pregnancy, and 3 assessments during postpartum. 

For example, you might receive a mental health assessment at Week 36 of pregnancy, and then again at Week 2 of postpartum. Then again at 6 weeks postpartum, and so on. 

Q: What if I have questions about the mental health program? 

If you have any questions about the Babyscripts mental health program, or the myJourney app, please reach out to Babyscripts Support:

If you have any questions or concerns about your mental health, please reach out to your care team directly. 

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